1 - Requirements


We will evaluate the requirements that you have and will provide you feedback if we are able to meet them. We may suggest changes to your product to make it more cost effective for production.  Of course we want  your business, but we are not going to say we can do it without having the confidence.

2 - Source


Our teams will work with the appropriate potential suppliers based on customer requirements and then we will provide the best quote.  Depending souring locations, all quotes will included a delivered price with applicable tariffs. Our customers information will remain confidential.

3 - Trial Sampling


Many companies requirements are different for PPAP process, so we are willing to support your requirements. We also have an internal established process per AIAG level 3 standards for all suppliers. All of our suppliers are ISO 9001 certified at minimum. 

4 - Pilot Approval


Upon submitting satisfactory samples, we will then work towards approval for production orders. Depending on your requirements, we like to start small volume and safe. We will not ask for more than we can offer or handle. 

5 - Production


During normal production, we will supply weekly updates as needed to ensure that you are well informed on the status of your product. 

6 - Support


We will support you 100%.  We know that not all situations are easily resolved, and compromise is often necessary. We will take all necessary measures to ensure that we are meeting your requirements and our commitments.